Office365: The omnipotent utility from Microsoft that can make dream businesses click


We live in a fast changing world. There was a time when we talked about durability and endurance, but all we are interested in today is making a strong style statement. The clothes that we wear are treated as perishable commodities. And to wear the same costume more than once is superciliously looked upon as a fashion faux pas. The same rules apply to technology. According to Moore’s Law, an axiom of microprocessor development, “improvements in miniaturization lead to a doubling of the density of transistors on new integrated circuits every 18 months, especially relative to cost or size.” Every quarter an existing cutting edge technology is replaced by an even advanced one deeming the former completely obsolete. Another great paradox of the modern world is that everyone wants to become rich, successful, famous and powerful, and as quickly as possible. Obviously it seems quite farfetched, but not as much as an average mind imagines it to be. For, technology is the great enabler that can make it happen. If it could do it for Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Larry Page, Sergey Brin, and Mark Zuckerberg, it can very well do it for you as well. All these gentlemen, driven by their karma and free will, simply leveraged upon their creative cognizance to innovate and perpetuate their ideas. And the rest is history!

What gives rise to the germ of creativity?  It is the endless yearning for betterment that gives mankind the courage to snub the existing in pursuit of the hitherto unthinkable and the inconceivable. This insatiable need for innovation thrives on what I call the rational product of the human brain: idea. An idea, highly contagious, is the most resilient parasite. Once an idea gets hold of the brain it is nearly impossible to get rid of. It was an idea that gave the world its first airplane, and it was again an idea that unleashed the latent power of the atom. An idea has the power to change the world. In this world of competition, ideas are an absolute necessity for continuous progress. Ideas can make a man gain a fortune, while a dearth of them can deem him a failure. But, failures are inevitable. What is paramount is the ability to continuously learn from failures. Thomas Edison had failed about 1100 times while trying to make the bulb but each failure only strengthened his resolve. When his assistant questioned him about his repeated failures, Edison solemnly replied, “Now I know 1100 ways of how not to make the bulb but I need only one to make it work.” Failures are part and parcel of life and thus each failure should be looked upon as a potential opportunity for success.

Microsoft ever since its inception has been a pioneer in the field of technology. Microsoft products and services, over the decades, have proven to be instrumental to the growth of business and commerce all across the globe. The advent of Windows revolutionized the world of computing. It not only made the computer personal again but it also provided a great boost to the relatively smaller business units. It also provided the stimulus and environment conducive for the proliferation of the entrepreneurial mindset, thereby opening up more avenues of promise for the coming generations and laying the foundations for a better tomorrow. Today, a world without Microsoft products and services would be a world devoid of its color and liveliness.

In keeping up with its tradition of innovation and technological excellence, Microsoft recently added to its repertoire yet another groundbreaking product, the brilliant office utility bundle called Microsoft Office 365. The USP of Microsoft Office 365 is not that it seamlessly integrates all the existing features of Microsoft Office including Lync, SharePoint and SkyDrive, but that it does so leveraging the power of “The Cloud”. In other words, everything right from the storage of application data to the actual computing takes place over the internet. Office 365 is being made available to the user in form of a subscription-based service. Different subscription plans are available based on customized needs of different users and their respective businesses. And the real icing on the cake is that it all comes up with a data plan powered by the largest telecom provider in the country, Airtel. The power of “The Cloud” makes the Microsoft 365 both platform and device independent.  One Office 365 account can be shared on up to five different devices: be it a PC, a Laptop, a Smartphone, or a Tablet. Microsoft Office 365 is compliant with world-class industry standards, including ISO 27001, EU Model clauses, HIPAA BAA, and FISMA, and it is independently verified by third-party auditors.

Microsoft Office 365 is the perfect tool that offers the right kind of impetus to those with a creative bent of mind to get going and help them actualize their dreams of grandeur. My dream business would be to launch a world class film website that would cover the news and day-to-day happenings from the world of cinema. Cinema is the greatest means of communication ever devised, for the message reaches everywhere and to everyone. Cinema is not merely a means of entertainment but it is also an omnipotent medium of learning and education, and if wielded properly it can enlighten the masses and revolutionize the civilization. It is for all these reasons that cinema is not only my deepest passion, but also my greatest obsession. My film website will serve as a tool to acquaint the masses with the realm of cinema, especially as the ultimate medium of human expression. The website will feature reviews and essays on movies from all across the globe; it will also cover events like award functions and film festivals. But, all this needs to be done with minimum resources—time, money as well as human capital—possible keeping in mind the budgetary aspects. That’s precisely where Microsoft Office 365, with its brillaint features like Lync, Share Point, SkyDrive, etc. will come really handy. The team of content writers and editors will be able to simultaneously write, edit, proofread and publish the content. And the best part is that since everything is on “The Cloud” it all can be done while working from the home. Thus with least possible infrastructure and minimal overhead, I will be able to render to my readers a world class service… all thanks to a germ of an idea and the omnipotence of Microsoft Office 365.  

This article has been written as part of a contest run by IndiBlogger in collaboration with Microsoft Office 365


About A Potpourri of Vestiges

Murtaza Ali is an independent film critic, sports writer, and content developer based out of Delhi. He is the author of the movie blog ‘A Potpourri of Vestiges’. He has been writing movie reviews at IMDb.COM for over four years. He is also associated with F1India.ORG as a content editor. Cinema is not only his passion, but also his greatest obsession. His all-time favorite movie-makers are Akira Kurosawa, Stanley Kubrick, Luis Bunuel, Andrei Tarkovsky, Charles Chaplin, Orson Welles, Federico Fellini, Ingmar Bergman, Satyajit Ray, Fritz Lang, Sergio Leonne, Francis Ford Cuppola, and Martin Scorsese.
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6 Responses to Office365: The omnipotent utility from Microsoft that can make dream businesses click

  1. WOW! It would be a treat for movie-lovers. All the best for the contest as well as with your dream venture.

  2. Anupam says:

    Very Informative!

  3. Aashish Rai says:

    Another legacy left behind by Ali Bhai….help us improve our writing also ali bhai…check mine’s at Thanks

  4. Good one 🙂 Nice read 🙂

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