Once Upon a Time at TCS Siruseri — A Short Poem


TCS complex in Siruseri IT Park is a spectacle both in scope and splendor. Designed by the Uruguayan architect Carlos Ott and built across a campus of 70 acres, the $250-million facility has the capacity to house a mammoth 30,000 people. It is also the largest IT office in Asia. To most human beings the gigantic steel structure would make for an intimidating sight, but to a Mechanical Engineer it is nothing short of an inspiration. One such Mechanical Engineer enchanted by the structure’s mysticism and grandeur couldn’t stop himself from pouring his heart out in form of the following romantic verses.

Once Upon a Time at TCS Siruseri…

By Namo Jain


Giant webs of steel held the mighty wings together,

From one corner to the other the mid rib soared way above me


A city on its own, it spoke to me in its humming,

With people held in its belly


It gave nature the peace it had always wanted,

I feel so tiny in this giant place


This is the place I have always wanted to be.



A Mechanical Design Engineer to the core, Namo has an MBA, with specialization in Operations and Finance, from Delhi School of Management, Delhi Technological University. Namo is currently working with Tata Consultancy Services Limited as an Assistant System Analyst. 


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One Response to Once Upon a Time at TCS Siruseri — A Short Poem

  1. InnerDialect says:

    TechPoesy at its best 🙂

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