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Image was a unique and interesting coupon website experience for me. Shoppal, a venture that started out somewhere in 2013, has today emerged as a one stop location for all the discount deals and coupons that you need. It deals with both top notch as well as upcoming brand stores. So, you can shop online knowing there is shoppal to watch your back.

Shoppal caters to a wide range of shoppers’ including kids, mothers, fashionistas, businessmen etc. You will be swarmed with over 300+ coupon stores here. The number is just increasing by the day making this website ever so popular especially with coupons and deals. Consisting of all the possible features, this site is considered to be one of the most user friendly, and absolutely happening site for shoppers’.

Purchasing a coupon has become relatively easy with Shoppal. You just need to avail the appropriate coupon code, and there the deal is right in front of you. How this works? Well, the user needs to click on the code mentioned on the website. The user will then be transported to the retailer’s website where the actually sales process is conducted. Here is where the discount is availed and the product is purchased. On reaching the website, the user will need to choose the product, enter the code on checkout and avail the discount. It is important to remember that the discount rates vary with the items chosen. While it would be a flat 50% off on some product, it is necessarily going to be a 100/- off on another product. Remember to choose the discount coupon based on the product you are planning to buy online.

Here is a classic example to illustrate what I am trying to say here. Let’s say I entered website to search for coupons for the Yepme store. Now when I enter the Yepme store in Shoppal, I will find myself surrounded by a variety of coupons. The coupons present here are all different. One coupon offers discounts on camera accessories while the other offers discount on mobiles. The amount of discount offered would also be different. Now, I will need to activate the deal to be directed to Yepme website from where I can avail the discount. The deals are all valid on the landing page i.e. only when you click on the deal will it be considered valid. It’s a pretty simple click and acquire sort of presentation.

In case your shopping bag is craving for a new item get ready to shop with discounts from the coupons available at

Understanding the features at is known for a wide variety of features. Here is an insight into the features that represent Shoppal highly in front of its consumers’

  • “Featured Stores” section in Shoppal is known to display all the top notch reputed brand stores that Shoppal hosts
  • “Subscribe for Shoppal Club” is a pop up that allows you to get the weekly coupons and contest details in your inbox
  • “Latest Coupons” features all the trending coupons that have made its place either a day or week back
  • “Top Coupons” features the coupons that are popular among the online shoppers
  • “Your favorite coupon is here” allows you to check on the favorite coupons
  •  Shoppal Blog to keep you updated with latest happenings in the shopping arena

The additional features on this website

  • The site is linked to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ allowing social sharing
  • Shoppal forum to help you find the right deal 24*7
  • Latest and top coupon section on the main page
  • Search box that allows you to search for the coupon or brand store

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